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Terms and Conditions

  1. You acknowledge that all information provided to us is truthful and accurate.
  1. You will inform us if you receive any communication relevant to your matter and will inform us of any changes in information relating to your address, employment, or marital status, or any other information or circumstances bearing on your matter.
  1. You will complete any forms (as per the List of Documents shared) and according to the requirements of the authorities and will obtain all documents and information necessary for the processing of your matter.
  1. You will communicate with our firm and all staff members respectfully and professionally.
  1. Fees are due and payable irrespective of the success of your matter, all amounts paid till then is Non-refundable, all amounts overdue by 30 days or more will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.
  1. We will work with you towards your desired outcome and will deal with you respectfully and professionally. However, all matters discussed above are subject to many possible variables such as changing legal requirements, quotas, and processing times. If law, regulation, or policy changes during our representation of you such that you no longer qualify and cannot proceed, or if the government retroactively assesses applications based on new criteria.
  1. Additional Fees 

In certain circumstances, additional professional fees may be required. Examples include:

  1. 1 Appearances at a government office, court, tribunal, or other location due to failure by you to disclose certain information;
  1. 2 Issues that arise in your file that require the allocation of more resources than normal, including requests by government agencies for updated forms or government changes that require additional work;
  1. 3 Unforeseen or unexpected additional applications that need to be filed;
  1. 4 Appearances at a government office, court, tribunal, or other location;
  1. 5 Adding additional dependents to your application that were not identified at the time of signing this agreement;
  1. 6 Unexpected urgency in applying; and/or
  1. 7 Requesting excessive communication that requires allocating more resources than reasonable.

We will advise you, in advance, of the requirement of additional legal fees.