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Buy & Sell Business Abroad

Foreign investor entrepreneurs who want to relocate to Canada with their immediate families, can buy an established business or launch a new business in Canada. We, at , understand that every client is unique, requiring bespoke integration approaches, priorities, and operating models. Our teams can help you understand what business to buy, how to value it and how to integrate it into your company. Hence discover acquisition opportunities with Canada! We at Canada will help you with aspects of acquiring business in Canada:-

Legal and Accounting Solutions

Certified Public Accountants attached with Canada, can provide your new business in Canada, with complete support on Accounting & Compliances at very reasonable charges. Some of the services that would get covered as part of this offering are as follows:-.

Consulting for Revenue Growth

When you start a new Business in Canada, as an Entrepreneur your immediate target is to take the revenue of your company to new levels, we assist you in this most important target of yours, with several premium services

  • We help your company by promoting it in our Business Contacts
  • Find Buyers for your products and services
  • Arranging funds for your expansion from lending institute at a competitive interest rate
  • Digitally promote your business through our In-house team of digital marketing professionals

  • Help you in getting overseas clients particularly from The United States of America, where we have a very strong base of our business contacts.

  • Help you in creating business plans, RFP for your company and also connecting to the desired manpower.
  • Helping you in establishing, buying/renting office, warehouse and space for manufacturing units according to the Zoning of the city.

  • Helping you in finding stake holders, partners, and strategic and financial investors for your business.

  • Helping you with all compliance and other registration with both provincial and federal government.

  • Bridging the gaps between you and E commerce chains by getting you connected to them for your products and services.

Other Extended Team Members

Ashish Dua
Consulting Corporation

Management Consultant – International Settlement

Any questions regarding settling abroad