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A brief about me

Greetings, I Ashish Dua (Fellow Chartered Accountant, Canadian by Nationality and Person of Indian Origin) offer my expert services to establish your business outside India. With over 21 years of experience in working with top organizations (KPMG, Microsoft, General Electric) of the world, I will be abridging the gaps between your dreams and the reality of taking your business to an international platform.

Proudly, I have had the opportunity to lead large, complex, multi-thread, multi-location, and multi-language projects for Fortune 100 clients across the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and India. This gives me the required experience to help you set up/acquire a business outside India and plan to live with your family abroad. You can trust my global experience and expertize for the most reliable and fastest solutions to your way to other countries.

If you have the following questions:

 How to set up/acquire a business or open a branch outside India?
 Along with business, how to plan life for you and your family abroad?

Then you are at the right place!

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Certified Public Accountant Surround yourself
with Assets , not Liabilities

Along with the professional qualifications as a CGA (Certified General Accountant), he is also a qualified Cost Accountant. He helps companies in identifying high margin areas, segment business into core areas, and revise business strategies to suit company goals. He has designed compensation structures, prepared and monitored unit wise profitability reports, and managed complex reconciliations. He is very adept at managing tight timelines, over-seeing company sub-divisions, and facilitating periodic audits and compliances.

Real Estate Consultant

Consulting estate services globally. Prosperity through Property!

Immigration Law Firm

Together we make the impossible possible!

Other Extended Team Members

Ashish Dua
Consulting Corporation

Management Consultant – International Settlement

Any questions regarding settling abroad